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tv   Campbell Brown  CNN  July 6, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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lou dobbs thanks for joining me tonight. for all of us, we thank you for watching. good night from new york. now, campbell brown. cnn primetime begins right cnn primetime begins right now. -- captions by vitac -- will michael jackson's memorial be bigger than princess diana's? with celebrities jockeying for a chance to perform, the biggest surprise may be who won't there be tomorrow. we'll tell you who's in and who's out. plus, jackson's mother loses control of his multimillion estate. will the family accept the court's decision? also, is the media being too p.c. when it comes to the coverage? >> this guy -- >> hey, everybody. those are big questions tonight.
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but we start as always with the match-up. our look at all of the stories in the moments you may have missed. breaking news topping us off tonight -- police say the serial killer who has been terrorizing south carolina is now dead. shot by law enforcement while in the midst of a burglary. >> authorities say they believe they have their man. it happened at a shootout in south carolina this morning. a suspect was killed. now hours later, they're find out the ballistics have come back, the gun, the bullets in that man's gun killed this morning in north carolina match the murders here in south carolina. needless to say, people here in south carolina breathing a huge sigh of relief, knowing that a serial killer is now off the streets. in fact, dead. >> now, police have not released the name of their suspect. they believe he shot five people to death in gaffney, south carolina, over the past few
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daysp in story still developing. we'll have fresh details from police throughout tonight's show. and president obama in russia tonight, announcing what could be the biggest nuclear weapons treaty since the cold war. laying out the deal in a joint news conference with his russian counterpart dimitri medvedev, the deal wasn't the only news out of the meeting. here are the headlines. >> the relationship between russia and the united states has suffered from a sense of drift. we resolve to reset. >> relations had really gone over the cliff in a big way and what they had to do was pull them back. >> if they can get to a deal, that may suggest the russias are acknowledging the cold war is over. >> as the world's two leading nuclear powers, the united states and russia must lead by example. >> the two leaders are basically saying we agree to work on a deal in terms of a future nuclear arms agreement that will
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bring down some of the stockpiles in terms of what we had deployed for the cold war. >> of the two countries that hold 95% of all the nuclear weapons in the world, reducing them 30%, that's an accomplishment. >> today, we've signed an agreement that will allow the transit of lethal military equipment through russia to afghanistan. >> the russians are going to allow american planes to fly over russia and supply our troops in afghanistan, a major announcement today. >> the russians also see afghanistan as a trap for us as it was for them so that may be no favor. >> now, tomorrow, president obama meets with prime minister vladimir putten who, according to many, is the man who really rules russia. some incredible pictures out of china. a protest turns into a riot. tonight, 156 people are dead. >> on the streets of the western chinese city, violent crashes
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left a bloody toll on the country. >> this violence started after a peaceful protest yesterday by a minority group called uygur, chinese muslims. protesters say that the police surrounded their group and things got out of control. >> police are restoring order across xinjiang province. many rioters will be detained. >> just got a notice from the white house that the white house says it is concerned over reports of death and injuries in the violence in western china. >> the protest and then the riots were sparked by increasing ethnic tensions between the uygur and the han chinese. at home, all eyes on los angeles as thousands of pop culture pilgrims gather to say good-bye to michael jackson. >> from just outside the staples center in downtown l.a. where tomorrow thousands of fans and a who's who of the rich and famous will say a final farewell to michael jackson. >> a report that upwards of 1 million people might show up put
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everyone on notice today. >> some of the people when they pick up those tickets are extremely emotional. >> we are very excited. we loved michael jackson. he was an amazing talent. and he will be forever loved and missed by everyone so yes, we are going, baby! >> they're really discouraging people from around the country to come down here and center themselves outside the staples center. police say they will be out in force. >> we're now learning of a sizable celebrity lineup. kobe bryant, mariah carey, magic johnson, lionel richie, smoky robinson, usher and stevie wonder, among many others. >> diana ross is a maybe because of security concerns. former girlfriend brooke shields is a yes. and while all the jackson family is expected to attend, including his three children, michael's two ex-wive, lisa marie presley and debbie rowe are definite nos. >> we've learned jackson's
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ex-wife debbie rowe will not attend the memorial. they say the media is what's keeping her from attending. here's what she said to the paparazzi who approached her. >> are you ready to fight for your kids? >> don't touch me! >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> don't touch me! >> nobody touched you here. >> you just did! don't! >> are you ready to fight for your children? >> are you ready to get your butt kicked? don't [ muted ] touch me! >> well, there you go. >> l.a. is the epicenter of what has become worldwide grief over michael jackson. no one is sure how all of this is going to play out tomorrow. >> i'll say. the jackson family also will not say where and when the star will be buried. they are, however, holding a private gathering tomorrow morning at forest lawn cemetery in hollywood hills, hint hint, who knows. meantime, a judge took jackson's estate out of the hands of his mother katharigathekatherine, h control to the two executors named in the will. and in politicalville today,
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one name on everybody's lips, palin, palin, palin. seems we all spent the long weekend trying to figure out what she is up to, why exactly she is quitting her job. today, still not clear. but everybody's got an opinion. here now, the view from the left and the view from the right. >> i think it actually makes a certain amount of sense if she wants to consider running in 2012, it's a big risk but she might as well take a shot. >> my honest opinion is that she should have finished out her tomorrow because the best politics is good policy. governing well is the best weapon you have for those who criticize you. >> if she has any desire for a future, she's going to have to do it in the lower 48. she cannot do it in alaska. it's not going to get it done. >> for her to leave in the midst of difficult financial times, i think it's just dead wrong. >> i respect her decision. and i take her at her word that it had a personal ingredient in it and you have to respect that. >> look, she's jumping out of
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the frying pan into the hot glare of the media spotlight into the fire. and she has potential of flaming out before 2012. >> the view from the left, the view from the right. and, of course "the view." the ladies were all over the palin story this morning. check it out. >> maybe she's going to do something more specific where she's not tied down -- >> maybe -- >> i don't know -- >> -- 2012 -- >> maybe she wants to make some money -- >> maybe she needs it. >> she does need it because she has $500,000 in legal bills and she put alaska in $2 million in debt because of all the of things they're accusing her of. >> she also has a son with special needs who may need treatment for a long time and care for a long time so she's probably thinking -- >> that's fine -- >> i resent that -- >> in 2012 -- >> maybe she's just tired of all the [ muted ] -- >> yeah, yeah. >> you just want me to say it -- >> right now -- >> and here's a little tip if you don't already follow sarah palin on twitter, well, you should.
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also, governor palin spent the fourth of july watching a parade in juneau, worlds away from our favorite extravaganza, the tony island hot dog eating contest. the big winner, joey chestnut, of 68 hot dogs in under 10 minutes. as chestnut told nbc's "today" show, he is still feeling the burn. >> zwrcan we just say this, youe this, all this is in here. >> it's working through so -- >> oh. >> well, how about the yankees? >> tmi, tmi. >> you asked for it. >> sometimes it's a natural end to an interview and i think we found it. >> i think that was it. >> joey, thanks for coming on. >> a lovely moment. brave man. that is the mash-up. police say the serial killer who has terrorized a small town in south carolina is dead. we're learning new information from investigators right now. we're going to bring you the latest shortly. also, one congressman says
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what a lot of people may be thinking about michael jackson. is it out of line on the night before his funeral? >> this guy is a pervert. i just think it's -- too politically correct. no one wants to stand up and say we don't need michael jackson. only two aleve can stop pain all day. that would take three times as many tylenol arthritis pain. aleve works for me. we have ever created. a car that can help awaken its driver if he begins to doze... keep him in his lane if he starts to wander... even stop itself if he becomes distracted. if you want to see the future of the automobile, just look at the new e-class... today. this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz.
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now, to some breaking news from los angeles. cnn has learned that the california highway patrol will escort members of michael jackson's family from his parent's home to forest lawn cemetery. that is tomorrow morning. and i should say, you're looking right now at a live picture of forest lawn cemetery there. sources close to the planning say the family will then be escorted to that memorial service in downtown l.a. last-minute preparations under way at the staples center at this hour. of course, fittingly, it is the same place where jackson was rehearsing in the days before he died. we have also learned that a judge has taken control of the estate away from katherine jackson, michael's mother. that was the big news today. we've got cnn's don lemon. jim moret, chief correspondent for "inside edition." former cnn anchor, roger
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freeman,, who's been breaking a lot of news. here in new york, npr contributor john ridley, back with us. welcome to en. i know, don, you've got a bit of breaking news. let me start with you, tell us what you know. >> i do. man that everyone has been speaking about is the man who will be the administrator, the executor, john branca. i met with him personally today and talked to him about how he's going to administer that will and the trust that goes with that will. john branca says to me that katherine jackson and michael jackson's children have nothing to worry about, that they are going to be provided for. in the will, michael jackson wants 40% of his money, his assets, to go to katherine jackson, 40% to go to his children, another 20% to go to charities. but, campbell, the big question, michael jackson's earning potential beyond this. we know that on billboard, he has nine of the top ten songs right now.
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there's some question about the rehearsal video, whether or not that video is going to be made into a dvd and how much money michael jackson is going to make in the future. and so he said that will be provided for as well, that the estate and the trustees will get that as well, campbell. >> what are you hearing on this front? >> clearly, katherine jackson wanted to be the administrator of this estate. given the fact there's a will and a very specifically states michael jackson's wishes that these two men be executors, the judge ruled for the interim, because there's going to be another hearing on august 3rd, but in the interim, the judge is abiding by michael jackson's wishes. they still have to admit the will. it has to be determined to be the last and valid will. but if that is, in fact, the case, these are his wishes. >> roger, listen to this. this is reaction from the jackson family attorney. this is from earlier today. listen. >> we have no reason to believe that this is going to turn into a nasty fight over millions and
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millions of dollars, similar to the issue with the children. we've been working prudently and with care and great pause to make sure that this is not going to be a media fight. this is not going to be a nasty fight. >> roger, do you believe him? i mean, given how litigious this family, everything surrounding michael jackson, has always been? what do you think? >> yeah, i do believe him. i know the press would love it if there were a big fight following the burial tomorrow. but i do think that the people who are in place now, it's ironic that after years and years of michael jackson having maybe the worst advisers ever, i mean, i can't even count the nun of people who have been his managers and lawyers that he died right after he gave permission to a lot of really good people to watch over him. and i know that he told one of his advisers before he passed away, please look out for my children. kind of an ominous way. so i think, really, it's going to be fine. the people who are running the estate now are john branca, joel
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katz, frank deleo back as the manager. these people will sit down and fig out how this estate is going to run. they're going to provide a lot of income for the children. they're always going tore look out for the children. i think the jacksons will be pleasantly surprised in the end about having these people in charge. katherine jackson is obviously not really in any shape to look over a big estate think she's smart to leave it to these professionals. >> john, let me get your take on tomorrow. this memorial is supposed to be huge. >> huge. >> every name in the world. predicting an audience of $1 billion people because of the internet. so many more people will have access to this than, say, princess diana's funeral. the only thing you can compare, i guess. what's your take? >> i think it's going to be jubilant, upbeat. remember, the majority of the people in the audience are fans who have gone to a bit of trouble to get these tickets, to arrive, to go downtown to see this. i think they're going to want to remember the good, the kiteme
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excitement that michael jackson brings. i think it's going to be upbeat, a good remembrance of a guy who had great years. >> we just learned elizabeth taylor, his very close friend, won't be attending. she's telling her followers on twitter she cannot be part of the public whoopla. i just don't believe michael will want me to share my grief with the in millions of others. >> she's also pretty frail, old. i can't imagine her using twitter herself. >> twittering for her? >> the big news i'm predicting on is the show will close with jermaine jackson very poignantly singing "smile," the charlie chaplin song which michael used to do. i think of all big star performer, mariah carey, jennifer hudson that jermaine's performance at the end of the show will be heartbreaking.
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>> we will be interested to see that. let me go to forest hills cemetery where susan roesgen is at this moment. susan who has been talking to people there, what are you hearing? >> well, what we're seeing mostly is some activity behind us. they have barricaded the entrance to forest lawn cemetery. the guys you see in the dark jackets and the ties and the gold bars on the suit coats, those are private security bars. a couple of them we recognize from the reporting that we've been doing in front of the jackson family home. i tried to get those guys to talk to me. they would not say a word, told me to keep moving. something must be going on here. we don't know what might be happening, but something is about to happen here. think it involved the jackson family because we recognize some of those security guards. >> that is what we've been hearing, susan roesgen, for us, from the cemetery tonight. let me go back to jim and, jim, just give us an update. because there were a few new developments as far as the investigation goes as well today. we know of three search warrants
8:19 pm
that have now been executed. are police, from what you're hearing, closing in on anyone? >> well, i think that they're still in the exploratory phase. they're looking at five doctors. that could expand because they're not just looking into michael jackson's death. they're casting a wider net, looking at the practices of various doctors around michael jackson for a period of years to see what they prescribed, in whose name, how much, was there doctor-shopping? a lot of issues beyond how michael jackson died. >> many thanks to our panel. they're going to be back later. we've got more to talk about tonight. we will keep checking in with susan roesgen as well, as we mentioned, is at the cemetery where we are expecting family tonight as well. breaking news from south carolina where police say the serial killer who has terrorized a town has been shot and killed. you're going to want to hear this. we'll update you in just a moment. plus, sarah palin quits.
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from alaska to washington, political junkies everywhere still trying to figure out what's really going on here. we're digging for answers. we'll have the very latest for you. here's what her lawyer is saying right now. listen. >> there is no bombshell. there is no shoe to drop. there are no investigations of there are no investigations of any type i'm aware of.
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a look now at some of the other must-see stories of the day. erica hill. >> we start off with breaking news. police say the serial kill they're had people in a south carolina town living in fear for more than a week is dead. killed in a shootout with police during a burr larry in north carolina. police say his gun maved the five murders in south carolina.
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we'll have a live report. police now saying the gun found at the scene of former nfl star steve mcnair's shooting was in fact, bought by his girlfriend just two nights prior. both were found shot to death on saturday in a nashville condo. police have not ruled it, though, a murder/suicide. mcnair who was married, was shot four times. his girlfriend, just once. it is the deadliest day in almost a year for u.s. troops in afghanistan. at least six soldiers killed in roadside bombings. seventh reportedly killed in a firefight. taliban militants claim they have captured an american soldier, although there is no proof of that. u.s. marines claim they were fighting a group of insurgents who later escaped by dressing up as women. senator-elect al franken showing up for work in washington one day early. set to be sworn in tomorrow after eight months of recounts and court challenges. toodz, he appeared and said he is ready to go to work. and even though franken attracted crowds of onlookers, he did not tell a single joke. more proof of the popularity of soccer.
8:24 pm
just about everywhere, but hire in the u.s. 80,000 fans showed up to see christiano ronaldo introduced as a member of madrid. they paid the equivalent of $130 million just to get him. his new contract should make him the highest paid soccer player in the world. and you thought some of those football and baseball contracts were crazy. the not so secret pictures of britain's top spy. posting their vacation snapshots on facebook, along with information about their kids where they live. may want to work the privacy settings. he's the incoming head of the intelligence agency. london's "daily mail" called it a shock breach of security. the government said it's not a state secret he wears a speedo. >> everybody knows that. they've been talking about it for years. >> absolutely. there was a funny thing i read that said his legs were shockingly white and then it
8:25 pm
said, he is british. poor guy. >> erica hill, thanks. sarah palin quitting her job leaving a lot more questions than answers. tonight, her lawyer says there's no bombshell here, nothing to come. even folks in alaska are trying to figure out what's really going on, why she really is resigning. we are looking for answers in her home state. we'll have that when we come back. also, breaking news, erica talked about it, a serial killer killed now, shot by police. we're going to the small town in south carolina where residents have been gripped by fear when we come back. yes, we do. and we can say 700 miles on a single tank and epa estimated 41 mpg city and all the words stick because they're true. we speak the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. we speak the all-new 2010 ford fusion hybrid. get in... and drive one.
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8:28 pm
shootout with police during aburg glarry across the border in north carolina. this sounds like the break police were hoping for. were they close at all to catching this guy? >> reporter: this was, indeed, a huge break. one they weren't expecting. at least the way it played out like this, because of the random nature of the crimes and because this serial killer didn't seem to fitna a profile, they had precious few clues. they didn't feel like they were close to catching him at the time police in north carolina were called to that house and the shootout ensued. >> what do we know so far about the suspect? i know the details are limited. >> reporter: investigators tell me they do know his name. they haven't released that publicly yet. they say they has a very extensive history with the law, going back years. they're going -- they're not going into detail yet. they're going to try to paint a
8:29 pm
picture of this man and his past for us at a news conference that's supposed to be happening sometime in this hour. at this point, they say the more they find out about this guy, that he has been in trouble with the law for quite sometime. >> david mattingly for us tonight. we're watching for that news conference. even though the suspect is dead, still a lot of questions tonight. why was someone hunting down and killing innocent people in this seemingly random fashion? and how do the people of gaffney, south carolina, how do they go back to their lives after this killer has sort of roamed around among them? our criminal profiler pat brown is joining us from washington tonight. in gaffney is james taylor who is the city administrator. mr. taylor, let me start with you. you know this is a community that i'm assuming is just utterly terrified. i've read about people buying weapons, arming themselves. there's got to be a huge sense of relief tonight. how are people doing? >> well, certainly do not want to preempt the official
8:30 pm
announcement from the law enforcement agency. those are the folks that have been in the trenches doing all the hard work to try to keep this person from striking again. they're going to be making their announcement shortly. and, of course, there will be a relief -- there will be some relief when that a nounment is made. but for the families that suffered the loss due to this tragedy, i don't know that there will ever be any relief. their lives will be impacted forever. we must keep those folks in our thoughts and prays as community as a whole tries to get back to business as normal. >> moving on from this, it's going to be incredibly tough but just talk to us a little bit about what this community, what your community, has been going through over the last few days. >> combination of sadness and fear. fear from the citizens of not knowing when this individual might strike again or who his target might be. sadness because of the loss of life of each of these individuals. and our community is typical of
8:31 pm
small-town communities throughout the united states. people's paths cross. they know each other. they have associations through church, shopping opportunities, civic others. a lot of people in this community knew these individuals whose lives were tragically taken in such an unjust fashion. so it's been a tough, tough time, combination of fear and sadness. >> i'm sure. as you say, everybody being touched by this. pat, let me get your expertise here. i know we have a very limited information about this guy, this suspect, a very basic description. you can see there. the killings all taking place in a very small area over this ten-mile sort of area. no pattern really seemingly in terms of who he was targeting. you look at the age ranges of the victims. all different genders. can you -- what can you deduce, if anything, in terms of a profile or what the motivation may have been? >> actually there is a pretty good profile on this guy and he's not a serial killer. i hear this every single time
8:32 pm
the news is coming up -- >> you say he's not a serial killer? >> he's not a serial killer. he's a spree killer. a serial killer doesn't want to get caught. he doesn't want to end up dead. he wants to sneak out, kill somebody and go back to his regular life and then a week later or a month later or years later, he goes out and has more fun and then he goes and has a hamburger and doesn't want to get caught. >> what's the spree killer? >> gotten to a point in his life where he hates everybody. a mass murderer in slow motion. instead of killing everybody in one minute, he goes out and kills one person and the next and the next and he knows the mr. it's are coming after him and he knows he's going to die and he's going out by suicide by cop, that's his plan, it's a suicide mission, and that's why i wasn't too surprised they did shoot him down in north carolina. he didn't give himself up. a serial kill worry have given himself up and then he would have had fun in court and had the trial and go to jail and write letters to ladies. a good time. but a spree killer just wants to go out with a big blaze of glory. i'm glad it ended as soon as it did before more people didn't
8:33 pm
get killed but i wasn't surprised. >> all right. as we -- i was telling people earlier, we are waiting on this news conference but i appreciate your time tonight, mr. taylor, especially to you, given what your community is going through right now. i know it's a difficult time for you so thanks very much for joining us. pat, thanks to you as always. we'll be updating people as we hear more information from the police after this news conference tonight. thanks very much. when we come back, what is the deal with sarah palin? the more we listen to friday's resignation speech, the less we get it. we're going to go digging around for the truth in her home state. - ( truck engine rumbling ) - hey, wait wait wait wait
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wait wait, one more thing, one more thing! one more thing. all right. thanks. ( oboe/piano music playing ) announcer: why throw away your money? switch to sprint. save $360 a year with the everything data family plan and get the blackberry curve 8330 smartphone for just $49.99. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access
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we're all still trying to make sense of sarah palin's surprise announcement she is quitting as governor of alaska in the middle of her first term. the fbi took the unusual step of declaring that palin is not under investigation. so there goes one theory. she didn't leave many clear clues in fraudclue s in friday's resignation speech either.
8:36 pm
listen. >> over the past nine months, i've been accused of all sorts of frivolous ethics violations, such as holding a fish in a photograph or wearing a jacket with a logo on it. and answering reporter's questions. this political absurdity, the politics of personal destruction, todd and i, we're look at more than half a million dollars in legal bills just in order to set the record straight. my choice is to take a stand and effect change and not just hit against the law. we know we can effect positive change outside government at this moment in time on another scale. you can effect change and i can too on the outside. you are naive if you don't see a full-court press from the national level picking away right now a good point guard. here's what she does. she drives through a full-court press, protecting the ball. she knows exactly when to pass the ball so that the team can win. and that is what i'm doing, keeping argue eye on the ball. i know when it's time to pass the ball for victory.
8:37 pm
>> so since then, we have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. so far, nothing. joining us from washington to talk about this, republican consultant alex constalanos. also from alaska, ktkva anchor who has covered palin from anchorage. npr contributor john ridley here in new york. matt, let me start with you. so many questions here. about her potential motivations. no one sort of buying the news conference explanation. because i think it was really not clear from what she said. you've had the weekend to dig into this. what's your thinking? what are you hearing? >> yeah, campbell, good evening. the people i'm talking with, people on the street, in the political know here in the alaska, they're saying for the last nine months, sarah palin has had one guiding molt vasiin
8:38 pm
and that is 2012. whatever you think of the press conference on friday morning this was just -- i don't know how you do the math in her mind. this was her calculation to get her to 2012 in the strongest state possible. because what happens between here and honestly, election day next year, it wasn't shaping up to be a good 2010 for her. bogged down with ethics complaints. one was filed in the last hour and a half. another one despite her press conference on friday. she's looking -- she's honestly stare ago veto override with the statehouse. the republican-run statehouse, she's staring that right in the face, so that wasn't going to look good. and she was going to have to spent more time in the lower 48 so this will free her time to do that. the book tour comes next year too and that wasn't going to be popular here. there's a sense she took herself out of the running in order to make the long -- the long ball play, in terms of looking at 2012. and, further feeding that fire, is last week, last monday and tuesday, her sarah pac, her political action committee, made a huge push to their donor,
8:39 pm
saying we really need you more now than ever, one big push. then, within four days, she's making this move. it raises a lot of questions. >> alex, before i get your take, which you sort of conveyed with that look, listen to this. this is new sound from her attorney, saying no big surprises coming out later on. >> there is no bombshell. there is no shoe to drop. no investigations of any type that i'm aware of. no irs audit. no federal investigation. no state investigation. there's no legal reason in terms of a legal problem that compelled the governor to resign. >> all right. so, a lex, before you give us your take on the wisdom of this move, what do you think motivation? is it about making money? what is it? >> maybe the worst possible assumption you can make here is there isn't any worst possible assumption.
8:40 pm
maybe there is no scandal. >> we're overthinking it? >> yeah. maybe this is what it appears. it doesn't ring true though. the idea that she had legal bills and couldn't pay them. you could set up various kinds of committees to get help paying legal bills. if these charges are so frivolous, then you could obviously deal with them as such. so none of that makes sense. to continue the ball game analogy, i think sarah palin fouled out of this game. and she has done herself a little bit of damage. if she's made the case her state is so much better off if she doesn't continue as governor, is going to be easier for a republican challenger in 2012 to say and think how much better off america's going to be when you don't become president. >> well, to that point, i mean, john, she still has a strong brand seemingly with her base. people who love her. she has some die-hard support out there. this is a palin brand still strong. can she go out and make a ton of money? >> can i be a contrarian? for sarah palin, think sarah palin made a genius decision.
8:41 pm
i hate to trade in absolutes. she was never going to be president of the united states. she's got all the sway in the republican party right now? the political pundit, the talk show host, the people who are not responsible to an electorate. here's someone getting beat up not just by left but her own party. at which point do you just say i'm going to raise my met for call middle finger to everybody, go on my book tour, maybe get a deal hosting a show but at some point become the kingmaker for 2012. i would not be surprised around 2011 people are saying, please, atonight noint us for the road white house. possibly a kingmaker. >> let me get your take, your reaction. do you think -- she still has it with those die-hard reposupport and could be a kingmaker? >> we think she's going to go out on a bill tour, make big speeches, making bill clinton kind of money. $7 million. who's going to buy those? republican primary voters. i think john's exactly right.
8:42 pm
she does have a lot of people, still in the republican party. she's not going to be president. and more so now, this is, you know, bad news still for mike huckabee because she is stilllie huckabee, can't go all the way, but she can divide the right in a state like iowa for example and in the south that's probably good news for someone like mitt romney. >> very quickly, is this the last people from alaska are going to hear? are they needing further explanation? after the news conference on friday? >> i think there's more questions than answers here. people in alaska are split evenly. there was about a 50/50 mix on we asked what do you think of this? to the aspect of her brand, the brand she built was that of a fighter. last week, whether you think that she started some fights or whether you think she was drawn into some, last week, she
8:43 pm
decided to stop fighting. will affect her brand nationally as well. >> thanks, appreciate it. stunning comments about the death of michael jackson from, of all people, a member of congress. listen. >> and let's knock out the psycho babble. this guy was a pervert, child molester. he was a pedophile. >> you're going to hear what prompted that lawmaker to blast jackson on the eve of the pop star's burial when we come back. . our parents telling us what to do... how to behave. now, all of a sudden, we're there, in that role, at that time in our lives where everyone and everything is depending on us. it's a scary feeling, but it's also a good one. especially when i'm confident someone's there for me.
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
welcome back, everybody. you can bet tonight's newsmaker won't be within a mile of the staples center tomorrow. he is a congressman who has had about enough of the nonstop flow of tribute to michael jackson. republican peter king of new york posted a video on youtube lashing out at the pop star. we want you to hear the congressman's comments for yourself. >> hi, this is congressman pete king. yesterday, i marched in two fourth of july parades. today, was taking a walk through the american legion hall, fire house down the street, fire memorial a few blocks from here. it really reminded me of the great men and women who have
8:47 pm
sacrificed so much for our country. people fighting in iraq and afghanistan today, cops, firefighters, teacher, none of whom get much credit. for the last i don't know how long now this low life, michael jackson, his name, face, picture, is all over the newspaper, television, radio. all we hear about is michael jackson. let's knock out the psycho babble. this guy was a pervert. was a child molester. he was a pedophile. and to be giving this much coverage to him day in, day out what does it say about us as a country? i just think we're too politically correct. no one wants to stand up and say we don't need michael jackson. he died. he had some talent. fine. there's people dying every day. men and women dieing in afghanistan. i really think the media has disgraced itself. i think too many people in public life have made fools of themselves by talking about michael jackson as if he's some kind of hero. may have been a good singer. bottom line is would you let your child or grandchild be in the same room as michael
8:48 pm
jackson? what are we glorifying him for? let's take some time out to -- to the people who do make a difference, police, fight fighters, people who volunteer with dying cancer patients, people who work in aids clinics, they're the ones we should be glorifying, not some pervert like michael jackson. >> congressman, tell us what you really think. right now, john ridley. and welcome our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin along with jackson biography stacy brown. what did you think? >> i think the comments came out of left field. and for him to say that michael is a child molester, et cetera. michael was never convicted of these crimes it the other thing is, i think people are not looking at him -- the media isn't looking at him as a hero, we're talk about the issues. and the fans are celebrating his music and his legacy. not the personal life of michael jackson. >> he was acquitted.
8:49 pm
>> he was acquitted and i was there. he did pay two civil judgments -- you know, for child molestation -- >> big money. >> big money. i have to say, when peter king said who among us would leave their kids with michael jackson, i mean, not me. i covered that trial. and i think that he probably touched a nerve with a lot of people. the problem is, with artists throughout history, we have been able to draw a line from the brilliance of their art and their personal lives which are often untidy to say the least. and jackson's personal life was pretty unappealing in many respects. >> john, i -- just over the last few days, i've been hearing this in private conversations with people, this sort of, like, yeah, i would no way leave my children alone with this man. at the same time, they're in awe of his talent. what is his legacy going to be? >> i think his legacy is going to be fine. as a man who's been accused of supporting terrorism at the i.r.a., he should know to give
8:50 pm
people the benefit of the doubt. that's something nobody likes to carry around. again, michael jackson was never convicted of anything. i would not leave my kids with him. in terms of his legacy and celebrating him, when i was a kid and we had not a lot of people of color on television, to see him, that was actually a big teal. i understand he may not get that, but for a lot of us, yeah, we can segregate the good and the bad and celebrate the good. and we're going to be talk about the bad obviously for months to come. >> yeah, and, campbell, i'm one who certainly believed that michael jackson at one point molested a child. i've said it publicly. i've said it before. but, again, i think you said it so eloquently, we grew up with michael jackson and the jackson 5, watching their cartoons, watching their variety show, and we went to the victory tour, the bad tour -- >> don't you feel conflicted by that? >> oh, i do -- >> i given that -- >> i have children who love michael. my daughter has been around michael. i wouldn't leave my children
8:51 pm
with michael either. but the fact is, i think you can't avoid celebrating the legacy of michael jackson. >> the good news for artists is that as time passes, what's remembered is their art. we remember norman mailer's novels. we don't remember very often that he stabbed one of his wives. these are the things that live on. >> you remember, jeffrey. >> but, i mean, that's -- >> also say that -- i don't think anybody here appreciates what michael jackson may have done to the negev it i about let's also talk about some of these folk. none of us would leave their kids with michael jackson. yet several families who did it again and again and again. so i think that there are folks who may have put themselves in situations to benefit from some of this as well. >> wait a second, that's buying the victim, i don't buy it, it's somehow the family's fault? >> you have families that are basically very litigious, have done the same thing with major corporations. if you knew your neighbor had been accused of something like this, would you leave your kid
8:52 pm
alone with this? i don't want to cast this net too wide but when you talk about remembering all of this, you talk about why we can talk about this, i think there's more than just saying this guy is a pedophile, it's black and white, that's all there is to it. for us, for people of collor, there's a persecution complex. when people say as the congressman did, it's just about michael jackson, a lot of us felt there's a lot more to the story than simply saying he's a pedophile, that's it, and nobody should be paying attention to anything he did. as he said, done nothing good. >> i think peter king was certainly overstating the case. perhaps he was calling attention to the fact we may have overdone the hero worship a little and not pointed out the other sides of his character -- >> a lot less appealing. >> look at you just did it like a sane rational individual and make a good point. >> that's so not like you -- >> i got to cut that out or -- i'm on cable tv -- >> you can't survive on cable television -- >> all right, thank you, guys, a fascinating conversation there. you have never seen anticipation
8:53 pm
like this for a memorial service obviously. anderson cooper joining us from los angeles as final details of the michael jackson memorial and burial come together when we come back. ♪ (announcer) imagination soars with crayola at an unbeatable price. save money. live better. walmart.
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1 billion people worldwide expected to watch michael jackson's memorial tomorrow. anderson cooper live for us from los angeles tonight with a preview of what we can expect. anderson what are you hearing? >> well, campbell, we know now that ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. on the pacific coast, 10:00 a.m. at the saples center. we learned at 8:00 a.m., the jackson family, friend, michael jackson's children, sibling, his parents, will be gathering at forest lawn cemetery. we don't know if that is his funeral service or burial. we haven't been able to confirm that is the case. some sort of service will be taking place there. you see the images on the screen, forest lawn. a lot of media already starting to gather there. that's going to be two hours
8:56 pm
before the ceremony starts tomorrow. the family will be escorted to the cemetery by california highway patrol. they're going to go -- be escorted to the staples center. security's going to be very tight. blocks around the entire area are going to be cordoned off. there's been an uproar about who will pay for this. the city is paying for the extra police and the crowd control. about 1.5 million people as you know, campbell, requested tickets online. 18,000 tickets for the public have been disseminated out. only 5,000 people will be seated in the nokia theater, only 11,000 inside. we're expecting usher is going to be there, mariah carey, stevie wonder, as well as a host of others. >> anderson, of course, you will have a full wrap-up coming up tonight, 10:00 eastern time. we'll all be here all day tomorrow for every moment of this. anderson and company in los angeles, i'll be here in new york. we'll see you a little bit later tonight. anderson, thanks. when we come back, tonight's
8:57 pm
breakout story. a tribute from one star to another. beyonce sings for michael jackson next. dddddddddd
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
larry king live starts just one minute from now. we leave you tonight with our breakout, beyonce's tribute to michael jackson. good night. >> michael, thank you so much for teaching me so much. we all miss you. and we thank you for all the beautiful memories. ♪ you're everything i need and more ♪ ♪ it's written all over your face ♪ ♪ michael i can feel your halo ♪ i pay you won't fade away ♪ michael don't fade away no


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